Wehr Animations

The Animated Bunny's Tail Kit


  1. Covers and Pages in order
  2. Sheet of Movables
  3. Binding Coil
  4. Directions

Terms to remember

The moving parts of the Animation Picture.
The large piece behind the picture, connecting the Movables.
The hanger tab at the top of a Panel.
Control Tab
The Press and Move tab at the Panel bottom, controlling the Movables.
This binds the Covers and Pages into a book.

Assembly Steps

Follow the directions slowly, carefully and in the order given. You'll be glad you did.

  1. Start with plenty of clear table space. Remove the Animation Pictures A, B and C from the book.
  2. Assemble the animations in the order of their complexity. Experience will pay off as you go.

    Animation B (Easiest)

    1. Detach B Movables from the sheet. Place them in their positions on Animation B as shown at right. Once you see where they will go, set them aside for assembly.
    2. Insert Pivot of Panel B from behind, through the hole/slot at the top left of the animation.
    3. Insert arm (B2) through the picture and into Panel B. Be sure the Movables' "shoulders" go through the holes to keep them in place.
    4. Slide B1 through the slot from behind. Insert B3 through the picture and into Panel B.
    5. Slide B1 through the slot from behind. Insert B3 through the picture and into Panel B.
    6. Slide the Control Tab through the slot from behind. Adjust the animation for smooth movement if needed.

    Animation C (Harder)

    1. Detach C Movables including the little arm and spoon in the panel sheet. Place them on Animation C as shown at right. Set them aside for assembly.
    2. Insert the Pivot of Panel C through the hole/slot at top left.
    3. Movables C2 and C3 go through the picture, into Panel C. Barty's head slides through the bed slot.
    4. The spoon with blueberries and the Control Tab on the panel go through their slots from behind.
    5. Insert C4 through the picture, into Panel C. Test and adjust.

    ANIMATION A (Hardest)

    1. Detach the A Movables. Place them in positions on Animation A as shown to the right. Set aside for assembly.
    2. Insert the Pivot of Panel A through hole/slot top left, ears first from left.
    3. Insert Movables A1 and A2 through picture into Panel A.
    4. Movable A3 goes through picture but not into Panel A.
    5. Insert Movable A4 into Movable A3; then A5 through slot into A4.
    6. Tuck the laundry through the wash tub slot from above. A6 goes through its slot from behind.
  3. Replace the Animations in the book with all Pages in order.
  4. Thread the Binding Coil through the perforations as follows:
    1. Lay covers face down, perforations side-by-side.
    2. Thread/twist coil up through bottom-most hole of front cover.
    3. Hold pages vertically with their holes aligned and thread/twist coil through bottom hole of pages.
    4. Thread/twist coil down through bottom hole of back cover.
    5. With pages between covers and all perforations aligned, the coil should thread itself completely through them as you twist, until coil extends slightly and equally beyond top and bottom edge of covers.
  5. Bend both ends of the coil over with pliers and tuck them inside the coil to keep all in place.